Hi everyone, I’m assuming many of you visiting this blog are coming from my instagram. If that’s the case then welcome! If not, let me take a minute to introduce myself.

My name is Chris and I’m a UX Designer in Columbus, Ohio. I love all things well-crafted, be it denim, leather, or otherwise. I’ll be using this site to talk about these sorts of things as well as the people who craft them.

My fascination of this world goes more than skin-deep. I have a large appreciation for the history and manufacturing process of these products as well. I hope to share in my journey as I dive deep into this world of heritage goods.

Some of the types of posts you can look forward include:

Shop Visits

  • I have visited and will be visiting many small, locally operated shops around the US (and a few internationally). I’d like to share my experience of these places and the people who run them.

Product Highlights

  • Rarely do I purchase a product that I don’t feel strongly about. You can expect to find lots of articles posted here about these items and why I feel so passionately about them. And as I said before, I’d like to go more than surface level on these products.

City / Neighborhood Guides

  • I’ve been very fortunate over the last fews years to be able to travel quite a bit (be it for work or pleasure). I’ll be sure to share these journeys in a way unique to how gents and ladies such as yourselves would be most interested.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of content you can expect but I hope I’ve at least given you a rough idea of where I see this adventure going. My first couple posts are linked below. Please take a look and tell me what you think.

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